Saturday, May 17, 2008

Art thieves (of a sort)

Regarding suicide, from a Christian point of view, isn't it to some degree something like a curator taking a beautiful and priceless painting out of a museum and tossing it in the trash because he's tired of it or has come to think it's ugly (or is tired of guarding it, or of dusting it, or whatever)? In both cases, something precious and unique is destroyed. In both cases, untold numbers of people ('the public' in the one case, 'the communion of saints living and dead' in the other) are deprived of something that would have blessed them had it been left where it was supposed to be.

Disclaimer: As with all such things on this blog, if the illustration doesn't help you, please ignore it. I hardly speak for Christianity around here. I'm just a standard issue middle-aged lady with a computer and an internet connection. (And the sort of mind that pops out questions like this...)

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