Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lost. Not lost. Who knows?

A fair number of people who wander into our town are horribly lost, having relied on ill-advised navigational systems instead of standard road maps and signs, not to mention hunches (i.e. I thought about an hour or two ago that something didn't seem right...).

It seems to be an international problem:

Had another episode of fun with the GPS. Firstly the poor thing didn't know about the new stretches of the A1M. "You're driving through ploughed fields !', it kept saying.

Then as I left the A1M at about 3pm it said just 140 miles to go. I thought "What ?!"

As I pulled up outside the Magowans' house it still thought I had over a hundred miles to cover, but that I had reached my "Via point"..

I will take more care in programming it today for the short journey to Darlington.

Which I know is NOT FAR AWAY.

It pays to not let the GPS take over your brain...

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