Saturday, April 19, 2008

I mowed the lawn yesterday...

... for the first time this year. There's a good chance it will get snowed on this week. What a winter and spring we've had!

Our daffodils opened this week. We also got our first dandelions. The lawn is rich with wood violets in bloom. (I hated to mow over them, but now you can see the ones that are left. The tall grass hid most of them, before.) Forsythia bushes are in bloom in nearby yards. On my walks, I stopped to watch bees, and moths, and butterflies, all busy at flowers. The air is thick with birds and birdsong. The tips of the lilac bushes are bright green.

Did I mention that snow is in the forecast for a couple of days this week? Or that I'm sitting here in winter clothes, and I still feel cold?

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