Friday, July 06, 2007

Book market watch: How to talk with practically anybody about practically anything, by Barbara Walters

Noted in passing. In today's stack of used books to go through for our bookstore is a copy of the c. 1970 book, How to talk with practically anybody about practically anything by Barbara Walters. Actually, it's a copy of the 1971 paperback edition by Dell. It is, frustratingly enough, in good minus condition, with watermarks in the green that lines the page edges, and a number written on the front. Even in this condition, though, the current market price is - to my surprise - about five bucks.

I wonder when it stopped being a one dollar book? And why?

That's not to say the prices might not crash again. You never know in this business. This afternoon's prices could be a fluke or some sort of publicity-related mini-boom. Or... it might be an early sign that supplies are getting scarce enough that prices could be headed up more or less for good. (Have I mentioned lately that you just never know in this business?)

Update: Over at Wikipedia (I know, I know, take it with a grain of salt, OK), from the Barbara Walters article:

Walters has been married three times. As she told The New York Times in 1996, "I'm convinced that you stay married when the days are bad only because you really want to be. But I always had an out. I had this job, and this life and enough money. I didn't have to fight the bad days."
I hope she was misquoted. If not, it would be nice to know the context and tone. Was she bragging, or mourning? Or what? It doesn't strike me as a healthy attitude, that's for sure, whatever spin goes with it.

And how do you write 'wedding vows' for a 'marriage' you're only going to honor if it's only full of good days? (As if that's possible?)

At any rate, it struck me funny, considering the title of her book. How to talk with practically anybody about practically anything apparently doesn't include talking to a husband or fiance about the things that really matter when it comes to going through life shoulder to shoulder come what may. Well, it struck me funny in a sad - very sad - way...

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