Tuesday, October 09, 2007

We get results: Thanksgiving Day poem

Some of you will remember that way back when I put up a notice that a gentleman we know was looking for a poem he remembered from years and years ago.

My husband found it this weekend, thanks to Google, which has posted The Indiana School Journal of 1896. Specifically, it's Recitation - The Thanksgiving Dinner, on page 787.

This rhyme is just one of several in the "Program for Thanksgiving Day" section which begins on page 785.

The journal was published by the Indiana State Teachers' Association. The original used for the digital image came from Harvard. No author was listed for this particular poem.

There are other editions of The Indiana School Journal online. I'm having a bit of trouble navigating the searches right now, but from what I could pull up, the earliest one I saw was from 1858, and the latest one I saw was from 1900. They look like they could be really good resources, from what I've seen so far. (They'd be even better if someone's fingers didn't block the view on some pages, but perhaps I'm being too picky?)

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