Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spring break (after a fashion)

Blogging might be light to nonexistent at this site for a few days while I concentrate on some other writing projects. And soak up what I can of early spring. And get some of my garden in. And try to turn my lawn into a lawn instead of a wannabe hay field (it gets away from me this time of year, what can I say?). And I've got a book I especially want to finish. And so on and so on, etc... :)

I'll probably keep tossing article links into the annex.

And I've added quite a few website links to my sidebar recently.

So if you want to use this as a portal to other places on the Internet, have at.

But, did I mention, it's spring? I watched a warbler darting in and out amongst the last of the apple blossoms today. And I got the flower box out front ready for flowers. And... now I'm off to do some indoor projects.

How about you? Are you letting spring happen without you? If so, do you really want to do that? I'm just asking...

Added at the last minute, due to a change in circumstances: OK, you can laugh now. Just as I aimed for the 'publish' button, a storm whacked the side of the house. Wind. Rain. Is that hail? Garden work might possibly have to wait. We'll see. By tomorrow it might be clear again. I can hope...

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Donna-Jean said...

Ahhh, spring. I have some baby robins' pix up at my blog. Enjoy!