Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Glimpses of the past

All right, so I set out to do a bit of research on author Alice Hegan Rice, and along the way I stumbled on the Kentucky Library and Museum online site. This was not a good site to stumble upon on a busy day. ;)

See, for instance, the vintage postcard collection...

Too fun.

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johng said...

The Kentucky Museum is special. I last visited it in 1997 and enjoyed meeting the vivacious director. At that time they offered a chance to stroll the first floor and see through the eyes of the past the small Kentucky town called Bowling Green.

Many families, including ours, have contributed precious items to the museum holdings. And, yes, it's my birthplace. A small, sleepy college town at one time, north of Nashville. The college was dedicated to the training of teachers. I had the privilege of knowing some of the professors as a child. Western had a training school which I attended.

That has changed and the university today is very much business and media oriented.

But at one time it was home to the American dream: where the children of small town and farm America could gather to learn and make a "small city upon a hill." (The university sits on hills overlooking the river.) Learning mattered to those men and (many) women. They would go out to spread knowledge to many schoolhouses. As their first college President said, 'the spirit makes the master.'