Tuesday, January 02, 2007

French judge rules that pork soup isn't racist

Police in Paris had shut down soup kitchens for serving pork soup. From The Guardian (Jan. 2, 2007):

But the judge at the administrative tribunal in Paris decided that as there was no evidence the SDF [Solidarité des Français] had refused to serve Jews and Muslims, who do not eat pork for religious reasons, it could not be accused of discriminating against them. The city's police prefecture was ordered to pay €1,000 (£670) in costs to the group.

In a statement, Roger Bonnivard, the group's president, said: "After weeks of dirty manoeuvres, intimidation, harassment, all kinds of pressure, and despite a new ban, the Paris police authorities now have to adhere to the decision. There are no legal grounds allowing anyone to ban pig soup."

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