Thursday, August 30, 2007

A quote for today

From Demetrios Stratis, writing at Asbury Park Press:

No one is imposing religious beliefs on anyone else when a religious organization decides what may or may not take place on its private property. The imposition of dogma and the crushing of First Amendment rights come when a Christian ministry is forced to violate its own religious beliefs to appease a political agenda.
"Well, duh," you say?

Some folks in New Jersey need a reminder.

Some background.

hat tip: The Alliance Alert

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Donna-Jean said...

Thanks for alerting people to this.

I was in Ocean Grove today - (as I've been many times this summer, and every summer of my life) - and saw the Human Rights Campaign 'equal rights' flags flying from several homes (a dark blue background with a bold yellow equals sign - though the way it was hung, I didn't know it was an equals sign til I googled it tonight. I wondered if it were some sign for 9/11, since it looked like two towers.).

Here is a pictue of the flags flying.

I've worshipped in that pavilion. Ocean Grove is a special place. Scott and Nancy Hoffman (i was in a homeschool group with them a few years back) need prayer support as they seek to lead in Ocean Grove.